Minibuses from Malaga airport

Private minibus service on the Costa del Sol

For Minibus transfers generally used for travel of large groups of people we have two types of minibuses with different passenger capacities. We'll explain our two models:

12-seater minibus

The 12-seater minibuses are perfect when travellers exceed the number of the 7-seater minivan but don´t exceed 12 people. For this we use our minibuses Peugeot Boxer which also can carry a total of 12 suitcases.

Transfer in Minibus from Malaga airport

19-seater minibus

You may require a means of transport for more people; in this case we use our model Mercedes Sprinter minibus with capacity of up to 19 seats and 19 suitcases.

Private minibus service from Malaga airport

Our trailers

If luggage capacity provided by the minibus is not enough, we can offer a great alternative connecting one of our trailers to the rear of the vehicle and thus greatly expand the luggage capacity during the transfer.

Minibus Services

We have no problem adapting any of our transport services in Malaga for this type of vehicle and thus transfer your entire family and friends; so you don´t need to worry about the number of people being transported. Here are some examples of possible services we can provide with our minibuses:

  • Transfer by minibus from Malaga airport to any destination in the Costa del Sol.
  • Minibus tour to the most interesting places in Andalusia.
  • Means of transport for your wedding guests.
  • Transfer by minibus for a large group of golfers / Golf transfer.
  • Minibus transfers for bachelor parties or a night out.
  • Minibuses for shared transfers from the airport.
  • Transfer by minibus for large groups who wish to attend a conference or exhibition.

How to book a minibus with Shuttle Malaga?

If you are interested in starting your reservation, you can request a quote from this link.

The most popular transfer destinations in Malaga

Costa del Sol


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