Monuments in the centre of Malaga

On this page you can find the most interesting monuments to visit during a stay in Malaga city.

How to get to the centre by public transport

To travel to the centre of Malaga where are concentrated the majority of monuments of Malaga city, you can choose different means of transport like train or bus. From Malaga airport are available these two means of conveyance which stop near the centre.

Transfers to the centre of Malaga

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The Alcazaba of Malaga

At the time when Muslims ruled Andalusia, these built on a Phoenician fortification the stunning Alcazaba fortress of Malaga. Possibly the most important monument of the province, being at the time one of the few Arab constructions that have remained in Malaga city over time.

As originally conceived, the Alcazaba consisted of up to 100 towers and a 3 meters high wall covering a large part of the city. Built between 1057 and 1063, today is well preserved an area of 15,000 square meters which is perfect for both admiring and learning about the Moorish art and architecture as part of its history.

The castle Gibralfaro

The Castle is linked to the Alcazaba by two towers on top of Mount Gibralfaro. Its name was chosen by the lighthouse previously located on the site. At first Aberramán III ordered the construction of a fortress, while Yusuf I changed decision to enlarge and turn it into a fortified palace. Currently Gibralfaro Castle is visitable, highlighting the wonderful views of Malaga that can be enjoyed from the tower Torre del Homenaje or from the viewpoint.

The Roman Theatre of Malaga

The Roman Theatre in Malaga is a monument of Roman origin of the first century. C. conducted by Cesar Augusto. The use of theatre ceased in the third century and surprisingly it remained buried for over 1500 years until it was discovered by accident in 1960.
It was several years before they began the archaeological and restoration work in 1988. Since then you can see the remains of the theatre at the foot of the Alcazaba in Malaga, in the street Alcazabilla.

The Holy Cathedral Church of the Incarnation

Without a doubt we can say that the Cathedral of Malaga is the most impressive religious temple in the province of Malaga. The Cathedral is also known as La Manquita (The One-armed) which refers to the absence of one of its two towers which was never built. With the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs was ordered the construction of the Cathedral on an ancient Arab mosque in 1528. The cathedral began as Gothic but with its 250 years of construction, changed to Renaissance style. Currently besides being able to admire it from the outside and the inside, you can climb to the roof and walk it.

Bull ring La Malagueta

As in almost all Spanish cities, Malaga has its bullring, which was built over 100 years ago, in 1874. Its dimensions are remarkable with capacity of more than 9,000 people with 52 meters in diameter. The Plaza de Toros La Malagueta also offers a visit to the bullfighting museum, performing Bullfights during the fair in August and for some specific days of the year.

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