Shopping at Malaga Airport

All shops inside Malaga airport

Inside Terminal 2 and especially in Terminal 3 are available a large number of shops specializing in all sorts of items and products. Further below, divided into categories, are listed all the shops at Malaga Airport.


LOL Sweets offers light and quick consumption as snacks, sweets and candy products. Sibarium instead provides quality food, with designation of origin in some cases, such as cheese, ham, sausage or even wine. Both grocery stores are located in the exclusive area of passenger T3.

Jewellery stores

On one side the shop Raquel Troyano Jewels offers exclusive items; gold jewellery, silver, sterling silver with genuine stones, modern clocks, Swarovski pieces, etc. On the other side is the shop I Love Malaga that offers females an affordable range of jewellery and imitation jewellery. Both stores are located in the exclusive area for passengers in the T3.

Gift shops and Home stores

Gift shops

In the public area of Terminal 3 is located Museum Shop where you can find items or souvenirs closely related to the Costa del Sol; another option is Superskunk with gift items. In the passenger-only zone there are two more stores: El Toro Andaluz and another Superskunk store.

Fashion and accessories

Fashion and accessories at Malaga airport

Travel Mate, located in the public area of the T3, offers variety of handbags, wallets and luggage. In the exclusive area of the terminal there are many fashion and accessories shops; a Ferrari store, an Adolfo Dominguez store and shops that are not linked to a specific brand as I Love Malaga, LOL Kids, Sunglass Hut, Superdry, Your Fashion Store, GAP and The Fashion Gallery.

Leisure and entertainment

Ferrari and Libreria Luces Shops

The ClubstoHire shop, located in the public area, sells golf equipment and all kinds of accessories related to this sport. Furthermore, in the interior of the passenger-only zone of Terminal 3 are available products of other stores like Crystal Media Shop (technology) Libreria Luces (Books) and LOL Kids (Toys).


Outside the airport complex near the taxi stand there is a newsagent called Relay with the latest books for sale, the latest issue of your favourite magazine and all kinds of press. In exclusive for passenger T3 is located the store Toro Andaluz which sells all kinds of media, whether national and international, as well as gifts or souvenirs.


Pharmacies at Malaga airport

A pharmacy is available in the public area of Terminal 3, another one in the exclusive part of the same passenger terminal and finally a there is a pharmacy in Terminal 2.

Duty free

In the exclusive T3 passenger you have the opportunity to visit the duty free shops such as Arrival Shop at the Ground Floor, The Express Shop and at Floor 1 The Shop. There is as well a Duty Free shop in the Terminal 2, The Express Shop.

The most popular transfer destinations in Malaga

Costa del Sol


SPAIN SHUTTLE S.L. C/ Camino de Araceli Nave E8 S/N Pol. Ind. Alhaurín, Fase IV 29130 - Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga)

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