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All parking Options from Malaga Airport

It might be the case when catching a flight at Malaga airport, before you need to park your car or that of a family member or friend. Whether you need to park for a few hours, days or weeks, Malaga airport has sufficient parking arrangements to cover any of your needs.

Below we are going to discuss these modalities:

Parking P1 or short term parking

The Parking P1 is located close to the airport terminals. It is useful for occasions when you don´t need to park your car for more than 4 days. It is also interesting for dropping off and picking up passengers.

Parking P3 or long term parking

The parking P3 is an ideal modality of car park for travellers taking a flight at the airport to travel to another province or country. Once you park your car at the P3 Parking you can take a minibus to the Terminal 3 and vice versa when you return from your trip.

Parking P7 for private flights

The Parking P7 is more geared for travellers going to take a private flight in the General Aviation Terminal of Malaga airport. Due to its proximity situated only a few metres away it is a prime location to park your car safely.

Preferential Parking

Malaga airport parking

The Preferential Parking or also known as Parking P2 is the parking area closest to Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The use of this modality has its particularity because parking is centered in a short time, such as half an hour. Furthermore at the levels 0 and -1 are situated the areas for rental car pick up and at the levels -1 and -2 the drop of for rental cars.

Parking VIP

VIP parking services are the most comfortable by far. If you're traveling, at the exit of the terminal there will be an employee of the parking lot waiting to pick up your car and park it in the area reserved for this mode. Similarly when you return from your trip he will be waiting to deliver your vehicle. It also has additional services such as revisions, ITV, washing, etc.

How to book your parking at Malaga airport?

Enter the following link to check prices and book at the airport car park: Parking AENA

Private parking companies

If you are looking for more competitive prices to park your vehicle near the airport you can choose to find out about the prices offered by private companies as Parking Airport Picasso, Holiday Parking, Vip Car Parking,, Autos Lido, Blue Cat Parking, Helle Holis, among many others.

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