Disabled services at Malaga airport

Free assistance for disabled users

Malaga airport, like all European airports since 2008, has a free service and assistance for anyone with disabilities or reduced mobility. This social advancement presents the required staff and material and financial resources so that any passenger, regardless the disability, can use air transport and all airport services normally.

Free assistance for disabled users

Different types of disabilities

  • WCHC, private passenger of any mobility and not self-sufficient. They have to be accompanied to their seat and need full support. If the flight lasted 3 or more hours they would need an attendant.
  • WCHR, travellers who need assistance during the transfer from the aircraft to the terminal, however they are self-sufficient when boarding or inside the plane.
  • WCHS, passengers who need assistance for access between the terminal and the aircraft and boarding, but are self-sufficient inside the plane.
  • DEAF, passengers with hearing impairment or complete deafness.
  • BLND, passengers with visual disabilities.

Steps to get free assistance at Malaga airport

We hope this guide with 4 simple steps helps you understand the procedure to request free assistance for disabled at Malaga airport:

1) Request assistance 48 hours in advance, this is necessary when you book your ticket through your travel agent or airline. Optionally you can request assistance by calling Aena 902 404 704 or from the website www.aena.es

2) You can indicate what time you will arrive at the airport, or at least between departure time and two hours earlier. You only need to use the closest intercom and wait there; there you get picked up by specialized staff.

3) They accompany and attend during boarding and security check, besides guiding you to your seat on the aircraft; of course they will help you with the luggage and other personal requirements.

4) Arriving at the destination airport, again they will help you during check out and the baggage, and accompany you to the site of the airport that you indicate.

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