Car hire companies in Malaga

Car rental in Malaga

If you are interested in coming to Malaga it would be important to address the issue of transport in advance, before reaching Malaga airport. Here we focus on the option of renting a vehicle as a means of transport for your holiday, but if you are looking for an alternative to driving yourself we recommend accessing our page for private taxi service from Malaga airport.

How to choose the best car rental company?

The first thing we would like to communicate is that it's vital to book the car weeks in advance. Arriving at the airport and hiring a rental car without reservation will result in a much higher price, among other possible unpleasant surprises.

In case you want to make the reservation online, take advantage of the fantastic opportunity you have with internet to compare prices and conditions between companies that inspire you more confidence. We emphasize also that you need to understand all the terms and conditions in order to not experience any disappointment when arriving at the airport.

Car rental companies inside Malaga airport

Once you arrive at Malaga airport you have at your disposal different offices of car rental companies that offer their services with or without reservation.

Car Hire inside Malaga airport

Some of the most important companies:

Car rental companies outside Malaga airport

Moreover, outside the airport there are situated industrial buildings which in addition to providing parking services offer a large fleet of rental vehicles. These are some of the most important companies.

Car Hire outside Malaga airport

Car rental companies outside or inside Malaga airport?

There is not a great difference in prices between companies inside and outside the airport. At both locations you can find companies with higher and cheaper fares.

The car rental companies located outside might seem more uncomfortable because they are situated further away and less accessible; nevertheless it is not an inconvenient as the vast majority of companies will pick you up with a Minibus and bring you to the offices to complete the Reservation and deliver your vehicle.

The most popular transfer destinations in Malaga

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