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Malaga airport to Tarifa

Tarifa is a town in the province of Cadiz, has a population of 17,000 and is situated at the southernmost point of Europe at the Strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. The town is just 14 km from the African coast (visible to the naked eye) and has always been the setting of historic events due to its convenient geographical position.

Visitors often come to Tarifa because the place is famous for its water sports like surfing, sailboarding, kite surf, scuba-diving, water ski etc. and offers a warm, windy climate which is considered unique in the south of Spain.

One can find ten kilometres of magnificent white sandy beaches, unspoilt countryside and brilliant weather conditions that have established Tarifa as a true surfers paradise. Other leisure possibilites in Tarifa are bird watching, horse riding, hang-gliding and rock climbing, so that nature lovers will definitely get their money’s worth.

Archaeological findings suggest that Tarifa was founded by the Phoenicians, although the oldest relict dates back 60,000 years, which is a skull of a Neandertal man found in a cave of the nearby rock of Gibraltar. Later the settlement was the first one on Spanish ground to be occupied by the Moors in 711. That’s why Tarifa still retains the charm of an Arabic city and its legacy of historic monuments is indeed noteworthy: the Gate of Jerez, the Caliph’s Castle from the Moorish rule and the 16th century church of San Mateo. The Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, lying next to the beach of Bolonia, as well as the Cueva del Moro (Cave of the Moor) are also worth a visit.

Enjoy the wonderful beaches of Cadiz very easy, first, you can get a transfer from Malaga airport, and forget any disturbing trouble about your transport.

Transfers from Malaga airport to Tarifa

Tarifa is not more than 160 km away from Malaga, so taking a shuttle bus from Malaga airport to Tarifa is a frequent and quick way for travellers to get to their destination.

How to get to Tarifa from Malaga airport

If you need to travel by car to the town of Tarifa and depart from Malaga airport, the map below will show you the optimal route. This map is very useful in case of not being familiar with the driving directions to Tarifa.

In Shuttle Malaga are available more transfer destinations from Malaga airport; you can check other localities by accessing this link.

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