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Malaga airport to Almeria

Almeria is the capital of the homonymous province in the east of the autonomous community Andalusia. The city has a population of 190,000 and is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, offering almost virginal beaches and a peculiar, desert-like hinterland. There are lots of Almeria hotels, where you can practice water sports and many other activities in the beach.

Besides, Almeria is famous for its historic heritage which can be admired in the city centre, its local port that maintains ship connections primarily to North African cities, and the great amount of greenhouses in its surroundings cultivating all year long fruits and vegetables, the majority of which are exported to the rest of Europe.

In the second half of the 20th century, Almeria witnessed spectacular economic growth due to upcoming tourism and intensive agriculture, but the region was also popular at that time with film producers who used the desert scenery to shoot Western movies. Moreover, Almeria is the birthplace of renowned celebrities, e.g. Nicolás Salmerón (3rd president of the First Spanish Republic), the folk singer Manolo Escobar or the Grammy Award winner David Bisbal.

The history of Almeria is rather new in comparison to other Andalusian localities: It was founded by Abd ar-Rahman III of Cordoba in 955 as a principal harbour in his extensive domain to strengthen his Mediterranean defenses. In the course of the centuries, Almeria grew to a rich and influential seaport, yet it also experienced longsome sieges and natural catastrophes like earthquakes.

Tourists coming to Almeria should definitely make a visit to the Alcazaba (hill fortress), where one has a marvellous view over the town, the Cathedral, the port, the city walls and the Church of Santiago el Viejo. Another beautiful place to visit east of the city of Almeria is Cabo de Gata natural park – a rugged and desolate coast where nature lovers can perfectly relax on the beach and enjoy the magnificent weather. These attractions are easily accessible thanks to our service of Malaga airport Transfers.

Transfers from Malaga airport to Almeria

Almeria is about 200 km east of Malaga, so why not take a shuttle bus from Malaga Airport to Almeria in order to save time and money?

How to get to Almeria from Malaga airport

If you need to travel by car to the town of Almeria and depart from Malaga airport, the map below will show you the optimal route which may be useful in case of not being familiar with the driving directions to Almeria.

In Shuttle Malaga are available more transfer destinations from Malaga airport; you can check other localities by accessing this link.

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