List of transfer prices

Rates for private taxi services in Malaga

Transfer prices from Malaga airportWe are not transfer brokers, we own a fleet of brand new taxis and minibuses, so we can offer lower prices than intermediary companies and travel agencies. We invite you to compare the prices below with prices offered by other websites. Feel safe booking with, you will pay what you see in the price list below for a professional shuttle bus service from Malaga airport.

Transfer Prices
VEHICLES Standard Executive Luxury Minivan
1-4 Pax 1-4 Pax 1-4 Pax 1-7 Pax
Adra - Get a quote240.00€280.00€350.00€300.00€
Alcaidesa - Get a quote130.00€150.00€200.00€175.00€
Algarrobo - Get a quote58.00€70.00€110.00€85.00€
Algeciras - Get a quote150.00€185.00€225.00€225.00€
Alhaurin de la Torre - Get a quote37.00€46.00€65.00€54.00€
Alhaurin El Grande - Get a quote60.00€72.00€96.00€70.00€
Almeria Center - Get a quote260.00€320.00€400.00€335.00€
Almuñecar - Get a quote105.00€125.00€164.00€147.00€
Alora - Get a quote65.00€78.00€102.00€95.00€
Antequera - Get a quote70.00€84.00€115.00€99.00€
Benagalbon - Get a quote54.00€65.00€86.00€79.00€
Benahavis - Get a quote87.00€105.00€141.00€119.00€
Benajarafe - Get a quote54.00€65.00€86.00€79.00€
Benalmadena - Get a quote33.00€41.00€66.00€59.00€
Benalmadena Pueblo - Get a quote39.00€49.00€69.00€59.00€
Benalmadena Torrequebrada - Get a quote39.00€49.00€69.00€59.00€
Cabopino - Get a quote60.00€71.00€95.00€83.00€
Cadiz Center - Get a quote267.00€320.00€405.00€360.00€
Calahonda - Get a quote56.00€67.00€95.00€79.00€
Cancelada - Get a quote84.00€105.00€142.00€121.00€
Cartama - Get a quote47.00€57.00€80.00€65.00€
Casares - Get a quote100.00€123.00€160.00€138.00€
Club La Costa - Get a quote43.00€52.00€75.00€59.00€
Coin - Get a quote67.00€81.00€104.00€95.00€
Competa - Get a quote78.00€93.00€125.00€100.00€
Conil - Get a quote230.00€250.00€345.00€310.00€
Cordoba Center - Get a quote190.00€220.00€300.00€255.00€
El Palo - Get a quote39.00€49.00€69.00€59.00€
El Puerto de Santa Maria - Get a quote245.00€265.00€355.00€320.00€
Elviria - Get a quote62.00€75.00€110.00€89.00€
Estepona - Get a quote95.00€114.00€152.00€135.00€
Frigiliana - Get a quote75.00€90.00€125.00€105.00€
Fuengirola - Get a quote39.00€49.00€69.00€59.00€
Gibraltar (border) - Get a quote139.00€166.00€210.00€195.00€
Granada Center - Get a quote160.00€192.00€245.00€218.00€
Huelva Center - Get a quote335.00€385.00€495.00€450.00€
Jaen Center - Get a quote221.00€250.00€325.00€300.00€
Jerez de la Frontera - Get a quote235.00€275.00€370.00€320.00€
La Cala de Mijas - Get a quote48.00€56.00€75.00€65.00€
La Herradura - Get a quote96.00€115.00€149.00€134.00€
La Quinta - Get a quote85.00€100.00€135.00€110.00€
Las Alpujarras - Get a quote205.00€246.00€305.00€290.00€
Loja - Get a quote96.00€115.00€150.00€135.00€
Malaga (centre area) - Get a quote34.00€39.00€69.00€49.00€
Malaga center - Get a quote34.00€39.00€69.00€49.00€
Malaga Gibralfaro - Get a quote39.00€49.00€69.00€59.00€
Malaga Port - Get a quote34.00€42.00€60.00€49.00€
Malaga train station - Get a quote34.00€39.00€69.00€49.00€
Manilva - Get a quote105.00€126.00€165.00€150.00€
Marbella Center - Get a quote68.00€81.00€115.00€95.00€
Maro - Get a quote68.00€83.00€120.00€100.00€
Mijas Costa - Get a quote55.00€65.00€89.00€75.00€
Mijas Golf - Get a quote48.00€58.00€81.00€68.00€
Mijas Pueblo - Get a quote48.00€58.00€81.00€68.00€
Monda - Get a quote75.00€87.00€125.00€105.00€
Motril - Get a quote120.00€145.00€175.00€165.00€
Nerja - Get a quote68.00€83.00€120.00€100.00€
Novo Sancti Petri Chiclana - Get a quote235.00€265.00€375.00€320.00€
Nueva Andalucia - Get a quote74.00€89.00€120.00€105.00€
Ojen - Get a quote70.00€84.00€120.00€100.00€
Puerto Banus - Get a quote70.00€84.00€120.00€100.00€
Puerto Duquesa - Get a quote110.00€130.00€170.00€150.00€
Rincon de la Victoria - Get a quote46.00€55.00€77.00€65.00€
Ronda - Get a quote130.00€155.00€205.00€180.00€
Roquetas de Mar - Get a quote225.00€245.00€345.00€300.00€
Sabinillas - Get a quote105.00€126.00€165.00€145.00€
Salobreña - Get a quote116.00€139.00€180.00€160.00€
San Pedro Alcantara - Get a quote77.00€93.00€125.00€115.00€
San Roque - Get a quote130.00€150.00€200.00€175.00€
Seville Center - Get a quote241.00€289.00€355.00€325.00€
Sierra Nevada - Get a quote160.00€190.00€310.00€270.00€
Sotogrande - Get a quote125.00€140.00€190.00€175.00€
Tarifa - Get a quote175.00€210.00€275.00€245.00€
Torre del Mar - Get a quote58.00€70.00€110.00€85.00€
Torremolinos - Get a quote28.00€34.00€54.00€49.00€
Torrox - Get a quote67.00€82.00€120.00€95.00€
Velez Malaga - Get a quote58.00€70.00€110.00€85.00€
Bus Prices
VEHICLES Minibus Minibus Bus Bus
8-12 Pax 13-19 Pax 20-26 Pax 27-54 Pax
Adra - Get a quote405.00€420.00€
Alcaidesa - Get a quote225.00€255.00€
Algarrobo - Get a quote115.00€130.00€
Algeciras - Get a quote245.00€285.00€
Alhaurin de la Torre - Get a quote75.00€85.00€
Alhaurin El Grande - Get a quote85.00€110.00€
Almeria Center - Get a quote405.00€458.00€
Almuñecar - Get a quote190.00€229.00€
Alora - Get a quote117.00€141.00€
Antequera - Get a quote135.00€160.00€
Benagalbon - Get a quote95.00€114.00€
Benahavis - Get a quote155.00€175.00€
Benajarafe - Get a quote95.00€114.00€
Benalmadena - Get a quote79.00€89.00€
Benalmadena Pueblo - Get a quote89.00€99.00€
Benalmadena Torrequebrada - Get a quote89.00€99.00€
Cabopino - Get a quote121.00€134.00€
Cadiz Center - Get a quote440.00€530.00€
Calahonda - Get a quote110.00€127.00€
Cancelada - Get a quote154.00€185.00€
Cartama - Get a quote93.00€110.00€
Casares - Get a quote180.00€205.00€
Club La Costa - Get a quote85.00€95.00€
Coin - Get a quote120.00€135.00€
Competa - Get a quote134.00€160.00€
Conil - Get a quote395.00€430.00€
Cordoba Center - Get a quote340.00€370.00€
El Palo - Get a quote89.00€99.00€
El Puerto de Santa Maria - Get a quote400.00€430.00€
Elviria - Get a quote125.00€140.00€
Estepona - Get a quote180.00€205.00€
Frigiliana - Get a quote140.00€160.00€
Fuengirola - Get a quote89.00€99.00€
Gibraltar (border) - Get a quote249.00€270.00€
Granada Center - Get a quote270.00€320.00€
Huelva Center - Get a quote506.00€540.00€
Jaen Center - Get a quote429.00€465.00€
Jerez de la Frontera - Get a quote419.00€455.00€
La Cala de Mijas - Get a quote88.00€102.00€
La Herradura - Get a quote173.00€208.00€
La Quinta - Get a quote138.00€160.00€
Las Alpujarras - Get a quote374.00€411.00€
Loja - Get a quote180.00€198.00€
Malaga (centre area) - Get a quote79.00€89.00€
Malaga center - Get a quote79.00€89.00€
Malaga Gibralfaro - Get a quote85.00€99.00€
Malaga Port - Get a quote74.00€88.00€
Malaga train station - Get a quote79.00€89.00€
Manilva - Get a quote185.00€205.00€
Marbella Center - Get a quote120.00€145.00€
Maro - Get a quote135.00€155.00€
Mijas Costa - Get a quote110.00€125.00€
Mijas Golf - Get a quote99.00€116.00€
Mijas Pueblo - Get a quote99.00€116.00€
Monda - Get a quote135.00€160.00€
Motril - Get a quote218.00€250.00€
Nerja - Get a quote135.00€155.00€
Novo Sancti Petri Chiclana - Get a quote400.00€450.00€
Nueva Andalucia - Get a quote130.00€155.00€
Ojen - Get a quote125.00€150.00€
Puerto Banus - Get a quote125.00€150.00€
Puerto Duquesa - Get a quote195.00€220.00€
Rincon de la Victoria - Get a quote86.00€100.00€
Ronda - Get a quote235.00€268.00€
Roquetas de Mar - Get a quote374.00€420.00€
Sabinillas - Get a quote180.00€205.00€
Salobreña - Get a quote215.00€237.00€
San Pedro Alcantara - Get a quote135.00€150.00€
San Roque - Get a quote225.00€255.00€
Seville Center - Get a quote405.00€430.00€
Sierra Nevada - Get a quote300.00€325.00€
Sotogrande - Get a quote220.00€250.00€
Tarifa - Get a quote290.00€325.00€
Torre del Mar - Get a quote115.00€130.00€
Torremolinos - Get a quote68.00€84.00€
Torrox - Get a quote120.00€144.00€
Velez Malaga - Get a quote115.00€130.00€

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